Game changers and free thinkers

This was an project i’d been looking forward to. The chance to photograph a group of high achieving business people in a relaxed style, something that was completely different to the way they are often portrayed.

Working with stylist Kate Eady we had to make sure the session was fun and different from anything else they’d experienced so we had a video team on hand to capture them enjoying the experience, they connected to their own social accounts to share the event, they took part in podcasts about their life in business and they were encouraged to change outfits and try different styles throughout.  Although we still had to work within their busy work schedules the one thing this session wasn’t was rushed and formulaeic. Each person had a chance to review images as we shot and make changes as they desired to achive a final result that made them look really good in camera and also to make them feel like there was a persona behind the serious business person.

When you’re behind the camera everyday it’s easy to forget that not everyone you meet is comfortable having their picture taken and it can sometimes feel quite intimidating walking into a busy studio full of lights and lots of people busying around them so it was vitally important to put them at ease as soon as they walked in.  Simply by spending some time chatting, talking about their outfits, looking through the style sheets Kate had created and waiting until they understood what the aim for each person was, that was enough to get them ready to be photographed.  After that the whole shoot was a breeze!

The video below gives a snapshot of how much fun the event was.

Darren Casey is a freelance Brand & Editorial photographer working across the UK providing brand, editorial and commercial photography to businesses and corporate organisations.