Video Production

We know that both photography and video can have a dramatic impact on SEO. Video content drives a 157% increase in organic traffic plus significantly increases the chances of maintaining people’s attention on your web page.

We also know that short video snippets on social grab attention and encourage calls to action.

I help you create engaging and informative videos that will do exactly what they’re supposed to without turning into a Spielberg production with it’s associated budget!

I can connect you to a fantastic team of film-makers though if you need!

Video interviews

People like to watch people. To learn information, to listen to a review, to be inspired or simply for fun.

Video interviews are great for social engagement, boosting awareness and reputation. And to explain what you do, especially when you have a complex  offering.

I work with you to make sure the right questions are being asked and how long the videos need to be. I can work alone but if more complex setups are required I bring a dedicated interviewer.

Video for websites

Whether it’s relaxed interview style,  conversation to camera pieces or whole event coverage I work either alone or bring my colleagues with me. 

We can help prepare, speak to the interviewees beforehand, plan audio and edit afterwards.

We’re not a specialist video company but we create great, engaging content that helps turn heads.

Short feature videos

Celebrating your business success or rewarding your hard working team, it needs to be captured as a moment. . Otherwise it’s easy to forget. 

Then it’s easy to repurpose and use for PR, social media, your website or on email to your prospective clients.