Industries and sectors

I specialise in transforming moments into timeless visual narratives. With expertise spanning healthcare, luxury property, charity, education, construction and manufacturing  photography, I capture the essence of every story. 

  • Charity Photography: Documenting the impactful work of charitable organisations, supporting your mission and resonating with your audience.
  • Education Photography: From candid classroom moments to campus showcases, I capture the spirit and vitality of your School or college.
  • Healthcare Photography: Elevate your healthcare narrative with images that speak to the dedication and compassion within the medical field.
  • Luxury Property Photography: Collaborating with stylists, we bring out the elegance and sophistication of high-end properties through exquisite imagery.
  • Construction Photography: Showcasing the progress and craftsmanship of your construction projects.
  • Manufacturing Photography: Documenting the progress and production of products along with the people that make the whole thing work.

      “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

      charity group shot


      My favourite thing is storytelling. 

      Working with people, listening, understanding, and making them feel comfortable. Capturing that special moment which says it all. 

      child with shmores


      From creating award winning campaign photographs to showcasing a school on their website. Involving me at all stages from initial brief to final publication can ensure the images work in all formats. 

      doctor with endoscaope


      Working in busy hospitals, with healthcare providers and employer branding companies, it’s all part of understanding this sector and the possibilities that great imagery can bring.

      luxury kitchen


      This is not general real estate photography, rather the complete elevation of imagery to enhance a property sale.  Concentrating on the details and working with stylists to show a property in its most attractive state to a potential buyer.

      large construction truck


      One of the busiest and potentially more dangerous sectors that require a highly experienced photographer to capture the daily workings and more focussed features on a construction project however large it may be.

      manufacturing photography


      Highlighting the processes, people and machinery involved in production and manufacturing. My imagery is used in trade sector publications worldwide and is often used to publicise successes and achievements.